"Psycho-Sensor-Anatomy-Functional (PSAF) Desadaptation Syndrom" Questionnaire (PSAF-DS) is suggested for rapid clinical measurement of illness perception in dental patients. PSAF-DS Questionnaire is factor-structured registration system of illness perception. The system is based on self-registration of presence and expression of symptoms (factors). The evaluated factors are structured in four groups (clusters): psychological, sensorical, anatomical, functional. Patient's self-assessment of disease based on PSAF-DS Questionnaire was compared to the symptoms registered in the medical records. Self-assessment questionnaire and medical records of 62 dental patients (19 men and 43 women) aged between 21 to 90 years were studied. Patients filled the form of self-assessment questionnaire at pre-clinical stage under supervision of trained personnel. The average number of symptoms according to the patients self-assessment was 1,72 ± 0,19, that was 2.15 times more than the average number of symptoms registered by physicians in medical records (0,8 ± 0,11) (p <0, 01). Evaluation of clinical application PSAF-DS Questionnaire was performed in patients with acute inflammatory diseases in maxillofacial region. Survey group comprised 58 individuals who completed the questionnaire specifically reflecting the key symptoms of acute inflammatory diseases in oral and maxillofacial region. Analysis of self-reported data revealed that the average value of total PSAF-DS Questionnaire index was 17.2 (47.8% of the maximum value ). Functional and psychological clusters were the dominants of the illness perception in patients with acute oral and maxillofacial inflammatory diseases.

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